Thursday, March 10, 2011

Looking for respite?

If you're like one of my friends who has basically had it with the NHL and is looking for another sport to watch, I have two words for you: March Madness.  To me, this annual American college basketball tournament, involving now 68 teams, is unrivaled in terms of excitement and drama.  For those of you who fell in love with this past Olympics, this is probably as close as it gets.  Of the over a 1,000 athletes that take part in this tournament (and the weeks that lead up to it), only a small percentage ever become NBA players.  For most of the kids taking part, this is their one big chance to do something great on a big stage, their one opportunity to shine.  Kids are not playing for money, they're not playing for a contract; it's all about the team and winning for your fans; the essential nature of what sports is supposed to be about.

For those not acquainted to the game of college basketball, well try to learn the rules--it's worth it.  Go to this link: for a quick briefing on the ins-and-outs of the game.

The tournament begins next Thursday, March 17th, with conference tournaments currently underway across the nation.

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