Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello, bonjour!

Hey folks, my name is Noah and I'm from Montreal, Quebec home of the Montreal Canadiens and... well not much else sports-wise.  There's a good reason why there's so many hockey-crazed fans here--we have nothing else to talk about!  My apologies to fans of the Alouettes and the Impact but from where I sit the CFL is barely a professional sports league (I wouldn't be surprised if the 8 best NCAA teams beat any one of the 8 CFL teams) and the Impact still play in the league below the major american soccer league, the MSL.  Simply put, since Loria and Samson managed to chase the Expos out of town, all we've had here in Montreal has been the Canadiens, and we as fans spend hours dissecting and analyzing the team, a habit i've grown a bit too fond of.

When I was a kid i'd follow every sport you can think of to the point of ridiculousness, spending days researching player statistics present and past.  Sports was clearly my obsession and for some reason, i needed to know everything.  If you'd ask me who won the homerun title in the National League in 1981 I would tell you, without hesitation that it was Mike Schmidt.  If you asked how many homeruns Willie Mays hit in his career, 660 would be off my tongue in seconds.  It was if I was in constant preparation for a test on sports knowledge, a test that never came.

Now all grown up, I concentrate way less on sports as i once did, but still follow hockey as much as ever before.  This blog is dedicated to my daily thoughts on my home club the Montreal Canadiens, as well some insight into goings-on around the league.

As well, I'll be mixing in my thoughts about my other favorite teams in other major sports.  These include the Phoenix Suns in the NBA, the Louisville Cardinals in college hoops, the Toronto Blue Jays in the MLB, and Arsenal in the English Premiership.  I may talk about my favorite football team, the Buffalo Bills, but lets face it, there's not much to talk about it ;).

Thanks for the support!