Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Core Needs

Pierre Maguire always talks about having the 7 star player core, which I think is the following but i could be wrong:

1 Top goalie
2 top D
2 top center
1 great power forward
1 great utility player

We currently have, imo, these players that can fit that bill now, or in the near future:

Top goalie: Carey Price
Top D: PK Subban
Great power forward: Max Pacioretty
top 2nd line center: Tomas Plekanec

That means we're missing a 1st line center, another top D, and a great utility player. 
I have a good feeling that Leblanc or Bournival will be that great utility player. Tinordi i have a so-so feeling that he'll fit the other top D. The worst feeling i have is, surprise, surprise, our top center. No offence to Lars Eller, but it's a long shot for him to be our 1st line center one day, ahead of Plekanec. We'll have to try to find that player via the draft still, because i still don't see him in our organization currently.

There are other interesting possibilities for the utility position (David Desharnais), power forward (Alex Avtsin, Dustin Walsh, Steve Quailer), or even Brendan Gallagher to play the role of a Daniel Briere type, a quick and feisty player who has a nose for the net.

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